Grooming Your Fur Baby to Health 

A dog is known to be a man’s best friend and I know you believe in this as much as I do. You love your dogs so much; you just want them looking pretty all the time. However, did you know that giving your dog a ride to the groomers help him more thank you think he does. Besides looking dashing after a haircut, science has proven you are in for more benefits than just letting your dog see his hooman after that haircut.  


1. Brush those fur: Giving your dogs a brush on their fur even if they barely have hair is important. When your dog ingests hairs, he might have problems with his intestines in the future, brushing his hair off helps lessen this possibility. This problem might be more prevalent with cats but this can also happen to your dog. Always remember prevention is better than cure.  

2. Check those eyes and ears: If you notice your dog has redness in the eyes or that his eyes seem a bit cloudy than usual, consult your vet. Moreover, if those ears smell like they normally don’t, there might be an infection. There are liquid ear cleaners that are specifically formulated for your fur babies, grab them now or drop them for grooming.  

3. Clip those nails: Indoor dogs usually don’t wear their claws out as much as outdoor dogs, thus, trimming their nails should be done when needed. When your dog grows out his claw too much, it can bring him pain when his claws grow through the pads of his toes. This does not only bring him pain but more than that infection. If you are currently looking for a clipper right now and struggling to find one, visit your groomer right away. 

4. Brush your dog’s teeth not just yours: You might take it as unusual to brush your dog’s teeth but a Veterinarian suggests you do so. If you think this is a hassle because you do it thrice or twice a day, don’t worry your dog only needs his once or twice every week. Make sure you’re doing it with his toothpaste though, not yours. 

If you are a busy mom or dad to your dog, doing all these cleaning might take time and can add up to your already hectic week. Sometimes you have time to brush their fur or brush their teeth but sometimes you’re too tired to look if their eyes are cloudy especially when they have grown their hair too much. Those toe nails might be hard to notice too if you have a hairy fella with you. Don’t worry, if you have a hard time doing all these, you can always drop your dog to the groomer nearest you. Groomers have been trained not only to clean your fur babies or cut their hair but also on how to examine your pets to further know if they are well and healthy. Dog grooming Pasadena can help you manage your babies, book an appointment through and have your pet pretty and healthy when you get home.